By Leslie Grossman
How Companies Can Capture Today's Hottest Market: Women Business Owners and Executives
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I could not put SELLsation! down. As well as a critical roadmap, it is such fun to read! Companies that adhere to Leslie Grossman's 7-Step C.R.E.A.T.E.S. program will most certainly enhance their company?s profitability and at the same time receive accolades from the women?s business and networking community at large.”

Judy George, founder and CEO of Domain Home Fashions, Inc. and co-author of The Domain Book of Intuitive Home Design and The Intuitive Businesswoman

SELLsation! by Leslie Grossman

What do American Express, Microsoft, IBM, Merrill Lynch and IKEA know about marketing that you don’t?

These leading-edge marketers have tapped into a skyrocketing market worth billions: women in business.

In SELLsation! How Companies Can Capture Today’s Hottest Market: Women Business Owners and Executives, Leslie Grossman demonstrates a keen understanding of this largely untapped, sensational sector and creates a roadmap for marketers interested in reaching them.

She has filled her book with profound insights and strategies honed over more than twenty years and five successful businesses, culminating with B2Women, which she formed when she perceived a real need for companies to market differently to businesswomen. Grossman continues to put her own strategy in action with Women’s Leadership Exchange (WLE), an organization she cofounded that not only helps women business owners achieve breakthrough results, but also embodies her marketing strategy for WLE corporate partners.

In Chapter 1, Grossman makes her case that women in business are the most powerful market in this country, propelling the U.S. economy by creating multimillion-dollar firms and also increasingly filling managerial positions in Corporate America. Grossman goes on to explain how this market of businesswomen is different and how to reach it, providing case studies of companies who have learned her lessons and been able to achieve exceptionally profitable results.

Learn how you can put SELLsation! in action and see the companies benefitting from SELLsation!

Already receiving press and rave reviews, SELLsation! is sure to become a standard marketing textbook in B-School!

Women in Business Fact Box: Fact #5
Belief: One in 14 U.S. workers is employed by a woman-owned business!
Fact: One in 7 U.S. workers is employed by a woman-owned business!

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